Are you a VET authority or provider? Here's a video on the skills mismatches report of AppSkil
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Adrian McMullan, Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland discusses the skills mismatch activities of the project and its results.
4th project meeting to take place on September 15-16 in Brussels
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The 4th project meeting of APPSKIL is going to take place in Brussels, Belgium on September 15-16, 2016.
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Jose Manuel Pastor Benlloch, member of the AppSkil team, and staff of the Florida University, explains what AppSkil is working on, and what it will soon deliver to learners, training providers, and education & training authorities of the EU.
Interviewing a gamification expert
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Inaki Huarte, co-founder and director of OUIPLAY, talks about gamification, explaining what does gamification consists of and the importance of integrating gamefication features in apps for mobile devices, and exposing the skills needed for an app developer apart from the technical ones.
The most wanted skills are here!
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Discover the most wanted skills in the developers' community today, through the interactive mindmap.

AppSkil: European ICT Sector Skills Alliance – VET open course for mobile apps creators


The AppSkil project forms the European ICT Sector Skills Alliance, which aims at improving the level and quality of education, skills and employment in the mobile apps industry by anticipating the future skills needs and responding to labour shortages.

This objective is pursued through an effective collaboration of 14 partners from 4 countries (UK, IT, BE, ES) and different backgrounds, including regulatory authorities in the field of Education and Training, ICT Sector representatives and Education and Training providers.

Networking with stakeholders of the ICT sector will be at the core of the activities of the AppSkil Alliance with the aim to establish a European Sector Skills Council for the ICT sector.

Take the time to explore our website and get to know the AppSkil project’s objectives.


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Coventry University Enterprises Ltd
Department for Employment and Learning
Naace (Naace)
South West College (SWC)
South Eastern Regional College (SERC)
Associazione CIMEA
Associazione italiana per l’Informatica e il Calcolo Automatico
Consorzio Friuli Formazione
Conseil Regional de la Formation
Business Training
Gobierno de Navarra – Departmento de educacion
Asociacion de Tecnicos de Informatica
Florida Centre de Formacio, Coop. V
AELP – The Association of Employment and Learning Providers




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