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The Project

Most mobile apps developers have up-to-date software development skills and technical excellence. However, many of them lack advanced design skills to make the mobile app attractive and easy to use, as well as managerial and customer oriented skills. Thousands of mobile apps fail each year due to difficulties faced by developers to create a friendly user interface, apply iterative usability testing and integrate experience-centric details, or to plan the implementation of a project and produce a business plan.  The mobile app industry’s challenge, therefore, is to adequately train its workforce to cope with the full range of the issues involved in the commercially successful creation of mobile apps.

The AppSkil ICT Sector Skills Alliance will respond to this challenge by identifying the skills most needed but missing from the mobile apps’ labour market and by developing a suitable curriculum and MOOC to offer industry-specific training to mobile app developers. Secondly but most importantly, the AppSkil Alliance will pursue its enlargement towards the establishment of a permanent European ICT Sector Skills Council, which will be continuously monitoring the sector to anticipate and respond to future skills needs.

The AppSkil project is funded under the Erasmus+ programme.




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