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AppSkil - Appskil online “TRAIN the TRAINER” seminar
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Appskil online “TRAIN the TRAINER” seminar

NEWS | 07-04-2017 13:19

South Eastern Regional College (SERC) (UK) in partnership with South West College (SWC) held the APPSkil online “TRAIN the TRAINER” seminar for teachers and IT professionals that took place on March 27th, April 3rd and 6th.

Participants to the online seminar had the opportunity:

  • to better understand the APPSkil MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) content aimed at mobile app developers and ICT employees that need up-skilling to respond to the needs of the fast growing mobile app sector,
  • to know more on the possible teaching methods of delivery and
  • to familiarize with the design, managerial and customer oriented skills involved in creating commercially successful mobile apps.

Session 1 on March 27th focused on facilitation and moderation with the Appskil MOOC, included pre-training activities, core training activities, as well as post training activities. During Session 2 on April 3rd participants reviewed Module 1 on the Development of the APP and Module 2 on the Marketing Channels. The last Session 3 focused on reviewing Modules 3 and 4 on Project and Business management.

Following the online seminar evaluation, organizers have collected useful feedback and specific comments that will be taken into account and fed back into the material and the APPSkil course.





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