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AppSkil - Successful organisation of the APPSkil InfoDay in Pamplona
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Successful organisation of the APPSkil InfoDay in Pamplona

NEWS | 29-11-2017 15:32

During the Appskil Infoday that took place on November 23rd, in Pamplona, the main project results were presented to the stakeholders.

Roberto Pérez, General Director of Education delivered the opening speech and emphasised the importance of being involved in international Erasmus+ projects, both in projects targeting mobility and in sector skill alliance projects, as is the case of the Appskil project.

Subsequently, Virgilio Echauri, Head of Business Development and Big Data of Biko2 Company, made an interesting presentation about the world of mobile apps creation, and analysed the factors to be taken into account in order to succeed in the competitive market of app development.

José Manuel Pastor, from Florida Universitària, one of the project partners and leader of the group that is responsible for the design of the training course, explained the process of creating the course that has been developed as the main product of the Appskil project. This course aims at providing an important training complement to people who are dedicated to the development of applications for mobile devices, in order to expand their skills in the areas of app development, marketing channels, project management and business management, which are crucial in achieving a successful application.

Then, two teachers from Cuatrovientos Technical School, Ana De Antonio and Mikel González, presented the results of the course, piloting with a group of students from the Multiplatform Applications Development Course. The evaluation of the course was very positive, as was the one conducted by the teachers of Maria Ana Sanz Technical School, who also participated in a course testing. The proposals for improvement or the expected evolution for this training course accessible in MOOC format were also presented during the InfoDay.

Next, José Antonio Gurucelain, Director of the Area of Innovation of CISTEC Technology, and Eduardo Luquin, Territorial Director in Navarra of the same company, delivered an interesting presentation about computer security in connection with the world of mobile devices.

Finally, Esther Monterrubio, Director of Vocational Training and Education Service, closed the conference insisting on the importance of taking part in Erasmus+ projects and making a very positive assessment of the Department of Education involvement in European projects, the results of which have been applied and further developed in the field of professional training, thus contributing to keep it up to date. Likewise, the speaker stressed the importance of maintaining a close contact between companies and representatives of the training field to ensure that vocational training meets the qualification needs and the demand of the productive and service sectors’ at all times.

The full programme is available in attachment and here: https://www.educacion.navarra.es/web/dpto/-/jornada-informativa-appskil .






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